Doggy Day Care


Doggy Day Care at Capel Canines, Capel St Mary, Suffolk

We provide Doggy Day Care services to our customers in Ipswich, Colchester and surrounding areas. At Capel Canines our aim is to create an engaging and stimulating environment for your dog in a controlled and structured setting.

Our ‘Canine Creche’ design allows for proper socialization and interaction between dogs and people. You can be assured your dog will go home at the end of the day content and happy. Doggy Day Care provides an outlet for your dog to release built up energy and excitement. This can help reduce unwanted behaviours caused by long periods of isolation and boredom.

All dogs that come into our centre will require a temperament test to ensure the safety and well being of each individual dog, the Pack and the staff caring for the group. At Capel Canines our Dog Day Care clients are split into groups depending on factors such as temperament and energy levels. Capel Canines is licensed by the local council ensuring we meet expected standards of care and service.

We have a number of different ‘zones’ within the Day Care Centre. The largest area is the main hall. This is where most of the action takes place. Covering an area of 3000sq ft, the main hall floor is fully padded to protect the dogs during their activities. We also have a number of smaller activity areas and the ‘Doggy Lounge’. The lounge is where your dog can have a cuddle, re-energise or simply put their paws up for a while! We also have a further 1500 sq ft of outside play area. This is completely under cover which allows it to be used in all weathers, remaining cool in the summer and dry when it’s raining.

We regularly upload pictures and events to social media allowing you to see what your dogs get up to whilst they are with us. Visitors to Capel Canines Doggy Daycare are always welcome. Please feel free contact us or pop along and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Further Information on our terms and conditions, application forms and temperament testing can be found in the links below.


Monday to Friday
Full Day 8am-6pm £20
Half Day 8am-1pm / 1pm-6pm £14

Receive 10% discount
For bookings of 2 or more dogs
Advance payment of block bookings for 5 full days or more (use whenever you like)

Find Us here:-

Capel Canines
Capel Grove, Capel St Mary
Ipswich, Suffolk

01473 480803